(The South East Asia Research Centre for Communication and Humanities)

  "Developments in technology and the changes in the way we use these technologies have brought the media industry in a crossroads. New technological advancements have paved way to unparalleled opportunities and challenges in today’s networked society which are worthy of research attention.

This timely gathering of academic researchers, media practitioners, and students will provide us with a venue to share and critique the different issues in the networked society and our new ways of engagement. 

The conference is interested in debating these new developments and offers a platform for further research studies.
As time draws near, we welcome all presenters and participants to this conference for an exchange of knowledge and collaboration."

- Assoc Professor Lokasundari Vijaya


Set up in 2008, SEARCH (South East Asia Research Centre for Communication and Humanities) 
is the initiative of the School of Communication, Taylor's University.


In line with Taylor ’s University’s vision and commitment towards developing a culture of sustained scholarship that contributes to the existing body of knowledge and propels new discoveries in the fields of Communication and Humanities, the newly established SEARCH (South East Asia Research Centre for Communication and Humanities) is set to achieve great heights of excellence in research activities.   SEARCH aims to undertake research within Taylor’s team of academicians and in collaboration with academicians from other education establishments and industry practitioners.


Our mission is to be recognized as a renowned research institution of international stature dedicated to excellence in research by promoting, publishing and disseminating information and discoveries in the fields of Communication and Humanities.


(i) To inculcate a vibrant research culture among the academics from the School of Communication.
(ii) To act as an incubator to collect ideas from students for future execution of research.
(iii) To become a leader for research in Communication and Humanities for the South East Asian region.
(iv) To collaborate with education and industry-based organizations in the pursuance of research in the fields of Communication and Humanities.
(v) To publish quality research findings in the SEARCH Journal.